Additional Services

For home visits, each consultant covers certain areas for home consultations in an attempt to keep travelling costs as low as possible, however due to high demand at busy times, this may not always be the case. All consultants can do online consultations worldwide.

In some complicated cases, your consultant may need to travel from further afield.

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Maternity Leave Packages

Maternity Leave Packages are available to help families through the first year with their baby. During this time you will have 3 consultations to help you with routines, sleep, weaning and preparing to return to work in the best physical and mental state possible following the birth of a baby.

Maternity Nurse Engagement

Please note: The Sleep Fairy Maternity Nurse will not “sleep train” the babies she works with as they are too young in the first few months. But she will help to establish breastfeeding and a gentle, flexible routine if that is what is wanted.

The Sleep Fairy Maternity Nurse lives in with the families she works with for a minimum of 5 days, usually within the first 3 weeks of the arrival of the new baby, but she can come later if a mum is struggling with her baby of up to 16 weeks old.

She will work flexibly with the mother’s wishes, taking care of baby when mum needs to sleep, providing information and support about feeding, bathing, the set-up of the nursery, routine (if desired), and getting to grips with a new baby in the home. She can help with meals, tidying, laundry and older siblings when necessary. She will be an intuitive extra pair of hands around your home, whilst being full of knowledge (and not related to you so you will be happy to listen to her advice).

Please feel free to call us for further information about how we could help your family.