Breast Feeding vs Bottle Feeding

The choice between whether to breast feed or bottle feed is often a difficult one and everyone has an opinion on what you should or should not do. The health experts suggest that breast milk is best nutritionally leading some woman to feel guilty if they choose to bottle feed their baby. For many new Mums breast feeding is not possible due to lifestyle, specific medical conditions, and other personal practicalities. Bottle Feeding you baby does not mean your little one won’t thrive and you will still create a special bond with your baby, that time spent feeding them, whether bottle or breast is a time just for the two of you, and if you do decide to bottle feed then Dad and other family members can share in the experience which can only be a positive thing.

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Parental Guilt

How many of you can honestly say you have never felt guilty as a parent? Whether you go out to work or stay at home there is always something to make you feel bad about your parenting skills and decisions. You are not alone! Google throws up over 70 million results when you type in ‘guilty parent’ but a lot of it is there solely to make you feel guilty or at the very least feed into your already guilt-ridden anxiety. So, what can we do about parental guilt?

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Play time!

Even today where everyone is much more open minded and excepting of the differences people have, there are firm beliefs that there are boys’ toys and girls’ toys, blue for boys and pink for girls. If you look at the card shops, media, adverts, and clothes shop it is very much divided into two sections. Trains and Cars for boys, dolls and dress up for girls. The fact is though that any play with any toy is great for development in children and research shows that those that are ‘allowed’ to play with what ever they like are much more likely to become high achievers than those who are limited in their discovery of toys and diverse activities.

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Sibling Rivalry

It doesn’t matter what the age gap is or how many children you have to ‘balance’ the family, you will at some point find yourself saying ‘Why can’t they just get along?! And the recent enforced family time has no doubt seen many happy moments suddenly end in tears, tantrums, name calling and door slamming.

I guarantee that if you have more than one child, sibling rivalry will happen. Do not believe for one minute the parent who says, ‘oh my children are the best of friends and never argue’ they are either hiding it well or they just have not reached ‘that stage’ yet.

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Baby Basics: How Often and How Much Should I Feed My Baby?

These are questions new parents often ask and often don’t but probably should! Whenever we meet with a family, we always discuss feeding and routines as they play a vital role in how babies feel and as a result how they behave. If a baby is fractious, unsettled or fussy, it is often the result of hunger or tiredness and sometimes discomfort from feeding too much or too frequently.

Baring in mind that all babies are different, the table below is intended as a guide to use as a starting point and to help you work out how often and how much to feed your baby. Bigger babies (on the 75th percentile and above) may need bigger feeds. Smaller babies (on the 25th percentile and below) may need smaller feeds or may need to feed slightly more frequently.

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