How to Survive the Clocks Going Back and Stop Early Rising

Do you have an early-riser? Does your child wake you at 5.30AM or earlier? Do you feel that you have tried everything to get your baby or toddler sleeping later in the mornings? Or are you just scared that when the clocks go back, your child is going to start waking up too early?
Well, here is something that is going to get your little one sleeping later. This is how to stop early-rising. This is how to reset the body-clock….

Around this time of year, I get an influx of emails and calls from parents who have early-risers, and are scared that the clocks going back is going to make their mornings even worse. Thankfully, I have devised a method to reset body-clocks that usually fixes this problem in 3 days. Read More

Why Routines Need to Be Flexible

By Sleep Fairy Sarah Quick

We all know that routines give us a framework & structure but do they have to be set in stone?

I definitely flip from thinking, “Ooh, I need a routine” to, “Hey,  manyana”.  And so does my daughter. Some days she wants things just the way she expects them to be, sitting at the table to eat, me taking her to school and healthy breakfasts, and other days she wants a little more spontaneity.

Many of our little people like to know what’s coming next and what is expected of them: Bath follows tea, stories follow bath & teeth etc but what happens when we go out for something to eat or have friends over and the routine is broken?  Read More

The Perfect Time for Mothers to Take a Nap

Having a baby in the house can easily translate to sleep deprivation for a lot of mothers. While it’s understandable why mums would want to take good care of their offspring to the point of putting their own needs second, sacrificing hours of sleep can be detrimental in the long run.

Not only will you become groggy and grumpy during the day, running around with only a few hours of sleep can also make you more prone to accidents. Webmd cites a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which said that driving while drowsy is responsible for about 100,000 car crashes annually. Read More

The Best Way to Transition Baby to Their Own Room

When most families bring their newborn home from the hospital, they have a crib or Moses basket in mum and dad’s bedroom for the first few weeks, few months and if they are following the current recommendations to reduce the risk of SIDS, the first 6 months. But when it is time to move baby into his own bedroom, what is the best way to do it?

There is no perfect way to make this move, but the chances are, it’s not going to be as bad as most people are expecting. And it will be even easier if you do a little bit of preparation in advance. Read More

How to Survive the First Few Weeks with a Newborn – Where Should My Baby Sleep?

Firstly: Don’t panic if your baby only wants to sleep on you in the early days. This is normal and to be expected and will change after a 3-12 weeks.

There are SO MANY cribs, cots, Moses baskets, co-sleepers, bassinets, snuggly props, wedges and contraptions on the market that it can be really difficult to work out what to put your newborn baby in to sleep when you bring them home. But no matter how much you spend on your baby’s bed, and what beautiful bedding and sleepwear you use, most newborns will prefer to sleep on YOU!!! Read More