Is TV and Screen Time a Problem for Children and Toddlers? And How to Break a Screen Addiction.

There are mixed views and opinions on how the use of screens and TV affect children’s behaviour and development. Some reports in the press say that children who use tablets and smart phones have more advanced fine motor skills due to the swiping action. I am sure this is true, but at what cost to their emotional well-being?
I have observed numerous children’s behaviour on a formal and informal basis over the years, and there is one thing that I have seen more than anything, and that is how screen time affects a child’s emotions and behaviour on a number of levels.

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Why Every Baby and Young Child Must Spend Time Outdoors

Getting your baby or child outdoors can often be a bit of a challenge for any parent. Yet, it is vital that you make the effort, as there are numerous benefits that will make your children happier and healthier.

In this post we look at why it is important for your little one to get fresh air regularly, whether they’re napping or doing something else.

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48 Hours of Sleep Training

The Background

A few weeks ago, I traveled abroad for 2 nights to work with a family whose son was taking hours to fall asleep and then waking during the night and sometimes taking hours to fall back to sleep. His parents were exhausted and frustrated as he is 6 years old and a confident, happy boy, but he appeared to be very anxious when it came to bedtime and sleeping.

We, The Sleep Fairy Team, don’t usually spend so long with families, but in this case, I needed to really get to know the family so that I could get to the bottom of why this boy was behaving in this way at bedtime and through the night. Read More

How to Change Your Baby’s Sleep For the Summer Time Change

When the clocks move forward in spring, it can get a little confusing when it comes to working out when to put your little one down for naps and bedtime. But it doesn’t have to be. This change is much easier to cope with than the autumn change.
If your baby or toddler is sleeping reasonably well and following a 7-7 routine (generally going to bed somewhere around 7PM and waking somewhere between 6.30 and 7.00AM), follow this:

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How to Stop Your Children Eating Junk Food

Most of us know that we should be feeding our children healthy food, but don’t know what to do when they won’t eat it.If your kitchen fills up with junk food over the festive period, and at Easter, and the summer holidays too, it is very easy to fall into the habit of handing out unhealthy snacks throughout the day, especially if your children aren’t eating well at mealtimes.

One of the many problems with junk food is that it is usually full of refined sugar (or artificial sweeteners) which will always give us a bit hit of pleasure when we eat it, unlike healthy food that may have naturally occurring sugar in it that isn’t refined and doesn’t give us that big pleasure hit. Read More