Parenting Now Compared to 100 Years Ago

Although most parents think that being a parent is far more difficult than they thought it would be, in a lot of ways, we have it a lot easier now than we did 100 years ago, but in other ways, maybe it’s harder.


Whether you’re making an enormous contribution to landfill with disposables or hammering the water, gas and electricity supply with cloth nappies, we have it easier now than they did back then.

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Newborn Essential Shopping List

So much to think about. So much to buy. So, where do you start?

There are thousands of things on the market to buy when you are having a baby. Some of them are brilliantly innovative and could be useful, many look like they could be but aren’t and others are essential. Below I have listed the things that I think every expectant mum needs. Having worked with babies since 1995, I have seen things come and go, and seen how they change and improve. There are some things that I love from back when I took my first nanny job, like “The Mothercare Box”, which I found useful to have in my living room with all the nappy change stuff in as well as a couple of changes of clothes. And there are other things that didn’t exist then but are brilliant now, like the compostable wipes and nappies.

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What Does Your Baby’s Cry Mean?

Please stop crying!

Babies cry for many different reasons, but quite often we, as their parents, have just a few responses to their cries. In the early days this is okay, but as they grow, this can lead to us misunderstanding and misinterpreting their cries causing them to cry for longer.

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Understanding Why Our Children Cry

By Sleep Fairy, Sarah Quick

My little one, who is ten now, has been through some tough, emotional times this year. In addition, her teacher left just before half term and one of her best friends is moving away at the end of this week. Overall, she has coped well but she does get upset about all the difficult things she’s having to deal with.

It’s painful to see your child cry at any age but what I have realised recently, and from what I have researched, it is that our responses to our children’s cries can often be linked to what happened in our childhood.

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Is TV and Screen Time a Problem for Children and Toddlers? And How to Break a Screen Addiction.

There are mixed views and opinions on how the use of screens and TV affect children’s behaviour and development. Some reports in the press say that children who use tablets and smart phones have more advanced fine motor skills due to the swiping action. I am sure this is true, but at what cost to their emotional well-being?
I have observed numerous children’s behaviour on a formal and informal basis over the years, and there is one thing that I have seen more than anything, and that is how screen time affects a child’s emotions and behaviour on a number of levels.

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