How to Stop Your Children Eating Junk Food

Most of us know that we should be feeding our children healthy food, but don’t know what to do when they won’t eat it.If your kitchen fills up with junk food over the festive period, and at Easter, and the summer holidays too, it is very easy to fall into the habit of handing out unhealthy snacks throughout the day, especially if your children aren’t eating well at mealtimes.

One of the many problems with junk food is that it is usually full of refined sugar (or artificial sweeteners) which will always give us a bit hit of pleasure when we eat it, unlike healthy food that may have naturally occurring sugar in it that isn’t refined and doesn’t give us that big pleasure hit. Read More

Sleep Fairy Recommended Products for Baby and Toddler Sleep

White Noise

Soaiy White Noise Machine from Amazon

White noise will help to mask any noises that occur inside or outside your house while your little one is sleeping. Sudden noises can disturb a child who is in light sleep or who is just dropping off to sleep. This particular white noise machine can be set up with a timer or left on all night so that the sounds of your neighbours early in the morning don’t wake your child. It needs to be set to quite a loud setting to cover louder sounds. There is also a light, which is helpful during the night if you need to go into see your child, but I would not recommend leaving it on all  night as it is a bit too bright for a night light.

Room Temperature

Dimplex Oil Free Baby Radiator from Amazon

Most bedrooms get a few degrees colder at night, and old houses can get even colder. If your baby gets cold at night, it can disturb their sleep. Instead of putting the central heating on all night, or for a boost in the night, a small oil free radiator will keep your baby’s bedroom temperature constant. The great thing about this particular radiator is that the surface doesn’t get scalding hot like most oil radiators. It is thermostatically controlled so that it will switch on when the room gets too cold and switch off again once it’s warmed up.

The ideal temperature for a baby’s bedroom is between 16 and 20 degrees. The true temperature of where your baby is sleeping may be slightly different to the reading on the thermostat if it is closer to the radiator than your baby, so be mindful of this when checking your baby’s room temperature.

Baby Monitors with Movement Sensors

Angelcare Movement Monitor with Sound from Amazon or Angelcare Movement Monitor with Video Amazon

Movement monitors are great to ensure your baby’s safety if they are sleeping and you’re not in the room, or if you’re in the same room but asleep. They work by registering your baby’s movements (including the tiny movements they make while breathing) and alarming if they don’t detect any movement for a set amount of time. The Angelcare monitors give a warning beep, which is usually to rouse a baby from a very deep sleep, when breathing can become very slow and light, before giving a full alarm if no movement is registered for a further shorter period of time. But remember to turn them off when you lift your baby from their mattress as it will alarm and scare the living daylights out of you occasionally.

I love the video monitor, as it is helpful to see if your baby is awake or asleep, or if they have got themselves into an awkward position, which is great when you’re sleep training.

I recommend this particular brand because I used it for my first baby in 2005, who had stopped breathing due to illness, and this kept her alive. I then bought an updated model in 2016 for my second as I love the security I felt having used it before. I did buy another brand but sent it back because I didn’t like it.

Nature Vs Nurture: Why We Need to Set a Good Example

I have two children. One has red hair and blue eyes, the other has blond hair and brown eyes. Even though they have different dads, they are still 50% my genes. And even though they have 50% different genes, they are similar in a lot of ways. Obviously, it is nature that determines what they look like, but how much of who they are, how they behave and how they sleep is nature and how much is nurture?

There was a time when social scientists stated that nature prevailed over nurture when it came to human behaviour, and you were either born “good” or born “bad”. The flip side to that argument was that humans were born as a “clean slate” and all our personality and behaviour traits were learnt. We now know that neither of these are correct, and although some aspects of our personalities and behaviour are ingrained in our genes, a lot are the result of the influences of the world around us. Read More

Is Your Baby Getting The Right Amount of Sleep?

Are your children getting enough sleep?
Do you know how much they should be getting?
Are your expectations of how much they should be sleeping unrealistic?
Do you know when babies start sleeping 7-7 (broken by a couple of feeds)?
This blog has been inspired by numerous families who we have seen over the last year, who have been given false expectations by either friends, internet information or baby sleep guides. It’s not always easy to work out what is right for your child, but there is some biological information which should make it easier for you to understand the very basics about sleep.
Most importantly – babies under 4.5 months are not set up to sleep 7pm to 7am

Read More

Do You Look After Yourself As Well As You Look After Your Children

However old our children are, we have to put a lot of time and energy into looking after them. From the day they are conceived, we have another human being who is reliant on us for their survival, growth and development. We don’t just have to provide food and warmth for them, but everyday we have to make decisions that will affect how they turn out as adults. We wake up with them in the night, if they are scared, ill or unhappy. We listen to them when they have things they need to talk about. We take them wherever they need to go. We are always there for them. Read More