Fixing Early Rising in 1-3 Year Olds

Early rising can hit at any time and be really difficult to resolve. However, here is a simple method that usually takes around 3 nights!

If your baby is between 12 months and 3 years, the best way to reset their body clock is to reduce daytime naps by 75% and put them to bed 30-60 minutes later than usual for 3 days. They may need an additional 10 minute catnap to get them through the afternoon and this is fine but keep it to 10 minutes. (Do not attempt this method if they are under the weather, coming down with a cold or already miserable with teething.) During these three days your angelic baby will become very over-tired and grumpy and it is unlikely that they will sleep any later on the first two mornings. Do not despair because by the third night they will be so exhausted that they will sleep later in the morning.

On the fourth day bring bedtime back to your desired time, but please be realistic about how many hours your baby can sleep in one night, usually 11-12 is the maximum. You can then gradually bring the naps back 15 minutes per day by adding 5 minutes to the shorter nap and 10 minutes to the longer nap if they have 2 or 10 minutes per day if they only have one.

See? Easy!

Please feel free to call me to talk it through if you want before you go ahead with it.07977 462252


Parenting Workshops at Sanctum Beaconsfield Starting January 2014

I am running a number of Parenting Workshops at Sanctum Beaconsfield to help parents with specific areas of parenting:

  • Monday 27th January 2014 – Sleep from birth to 6 months
  • Monday 3rd February 2014 – Sleep from 6 to12 months
  • Monday 10th February 2014 – Sleep from 1 to 2 years
  • Monday 24th February 2014 – Sleep from 2 to 3 years
  • Monday 3rd March 2014 – Sleep from 3 to 4 years
  • Monday 10th March 2014 – Weaning
  • Monday March 17th 2014 – Toddler Taming

The Sleep Workshops will help you to understand the needs of your child and how to respond to them so that you can resolve difficult sleeping patterns. You will learn how to create a routine that caters for your child’s needs whilst taking into consideration the needs of the rest of the family, as well as understanding different techniques for settling, interpreting crying and how to respond to it.


The Weaning Workshop will help you move towards weaning feeling relaxed and prepared. Baby led weaning and pureeing will be discussed, and how they can be combined. You will learn how to build weaning into your baby’s routine so that you get the right balance of milk and solids.


The Toddler Taming Workshop will give you practical tools to use when your toddler is at their most difficult. Sleep and diet will be discussed, as well as the use of praising, rewarding and bribing.

The workshops each cost £35 with a 10% discount for early booking and a further 10% discount for members.

You can book online through:

If possible, please book early for the workshops as there will be a little bit of preparation for you to do in the week leading up to the workshop, to help you get the most out of it. This is minimal, but very helpful!

Exercise While Your Baby Sleeps?

This may sound insane, but once you have got past the need to sleep while your baby sleeps (which is essential in the early months), put the household chores aside and take a little time for yourself. This might seem impossible, especially if your thoughts of exercise are all about going out to classes and the gym, as these mean making a regular commitment which isn’t always easy with a baby in your life.

There is something else on offer that is free, can be done whenever you feel like it, taken at your own pace, can take as little as 5 minutes and all you need is your laptop and a bit of space on the carpet – POP PILATES with Cassey Ho! Check it out on youtube. You will find 200+ workout clips lasting between 5 minutes and an hour that are targeted at different areas of the body – so if you want, you can just work on your calves or your muffin top. It is ideal for when you have a limited amount of time but you want to do something to get you started again.One of my clients (thank you Amanda) suggested it to me and I have been using it for ages and have suggested it to many of my clients who love it too!

Here are two workouts that have been personally recommended to me by Cassey Ho, that are great for new mums:

POP Pilates for Beginners – Total Body Workout:
POP PIlates for Beginners – Ab Time!


Montessori Sleeping – A Very Gentle Approach to Sleep Training

Recently I have worked with a number of families who have been interested in using the Montessori approach to sleeping for their babies. This method is much more gentle than other methods and encourages independent sleeping.

The idea behind the Montessori Method of sleeping for babies is that the baby is placed on a mattress on the floor in a bedroom that is totally babysafe.This is done when the baby is ready to sleep independently, sometimes as young as 3 months. The baby has the freedom move around the bedroom as they choose and sleep on the mattress when they are ready to go to sleep. Over time, the baby understands when they are tired and recognises that the mattress is the place they sleep, so when they are tired they go to the mattress and sleep. Lovely!!

The families I have been working through this with have had babies of varying ages, and are generally using it as a method of sleep training to fix a problem rather than a natural progression from sleeping in a Moses basket or co-sleeping. It has been working very well as a sleep solution, particularly where parents refuse to leave their baby crying for even a minute or two. They can sit with their baby in the bedroom while the baby gets used to falling asleep in the new environment, and go back and help to settle them through the night as they cut out night feeds. I have been guiding them through the process and advising them of the right time to move on to the next step. They are all going at their own pace and are really happy with the progress they are making.

It is not the right method for every family, but it is the perfect method for many families.

Some useful links are:

Coffee Morning on Friday 8th November in Henley-on-Thames

Dee Booth of Sleep Fairy Parent Rescue and Sue Turner of Candela Clinical Hypnosis have come together to offer new and newish mothers some insight as to how to ensure that they and their children get a good night’s sleep, have the right routines, can be more relaxed and feel more focused and in control of their parenting skills and their own lives.

Please join us for coffee and pastries


Magoos, Hart Street, Henley


Friday 8th November



This is a free meeting (apart from drinks/snacks) and babies are most welcome to join us – heated floor with foam matting for their comfort!

RSVP so we can gauge numbers please –  or 07977 462252


Dee Booth works with families all over the world, teaching them how to let their children learn to sleep, as well as offering advice about weaning, eating and difficult behaviour. She uses a variety of techniques depending on the individual needs and preferences of the family, taking things as gently as the parents require, and without the use of controlled crying.

As a mother (who’s baby was born prematurely and critically ill), as well as a parent coach, Dee understands the emotional difficulties that can arise through the first years of motherhood. She offers support to her clients to help them through the difficult times, so that they are soon enjoying the pleasures of parenting. She helps build routines for babies so that mothers and fathers can start to enjoy each other’s time as well as time with their baby.


Sue Turner is a well-qualified and highly experienced clinical hypnotherapist who has worked with a wide range of personal and family issues in Henley and Harley Street.

She sees many woman, who although are delighted by the joys of Motherhood, also find they have lost something of themselves. Perhaps, they have given up busy satisfying and demanding jobs or full social lives and now they find themselves a bit dragged down by lack of quality sleep and focus.

Sue teaches a powerful combination of goal setting and self-affirmation to help women manage their lives, their family and their work with a sense of optimism and well-being.

Sue also works with older children helping them overcome insomnia and night fears.