Why Every Baby and Young Child Must Spend Time Outdoors

Getting your baby or child outdoors can often be a bit of a challenge for any parent. Yet, it is vital that you make the effort, as there are numerous benefits that will make your children happier and healthier.

In this post we look at why it is important for your little one to get fresh air regularly, whether they’re napping or doing something else.

It protects them against germs

Active Life states that babies are less likely to catch a cold if they regularly go outdoors. Citing information from the BBC, the site notes that enclosed spaces have more germs, and that being outdoors decreases the chance of exposure – simple. But it is always worth carrying some wet wipes and first aid supplies in case of accidents and tumbles into the dirt.

It helps improve your children’s social skills

Reportedly 95% of British children spend up to seven hours a day with a gadget and not socialising with other kids. This prevents them from growing up with the right amount of awareness and curiosity about the world around them. Instead of allowing your child to spend hours looking at screens, take them outdoors and they will meet other children who they can interact with, helping them, not only to develop their social skills, but learn life lessons like resilience, patience, empathy and generosity as well.

It makes your children more curious

Children are really quiet when they’re on their gadgets. Often, they don’t even feel hungry and they don’t hear or see anything other than what’s on the screen. This closes them off from the world, which means they no longer feel curious about what’s outside. Developing curiosity in children is vital, as it gives them the willingness and drive to continually grow, learn, question, and understand the world around them.

It improves your child’s imagination

Being outside encourages kids to try an unstructured style of play. Child Mind Institute explains how this means kids are able to have meaningful interactions with their surroundings. Being outside allows them to think freely, design their own games and activities, and see the world in inventive ways.

It helps your kids become healthier and stronger

Babies and children who spend enough time outside grow up to have healthier lungs and better motor and sensory skills. Playing in the sun is also a natural way to build up Vitamin D in the body, which leads to stronger bones and muscles. Spending time outside also helps prevent obesity, early mental health disorders, and weak immunity systems.

If you have very young children, one way to get them comfortable with being outside, is to provide them with an environment that exudes just that – comfort. This will not only ensure that they are at ease, and protected, but it will also mean it is a lot easier for you to go on long walks with them, even during their younger years. iCandy explains how modern buggies are designed to be compact and comfortable and can be easily folded to fit into the back of a car or carried around. This gives parents greater flexibility and makes taking baby out a little bit easier, and will no longer feel that going outside with their little one is an inconvenience.

Of course it is not just outdoor activities that parents need to pay attention too. In our post ‘Top Tips On How To Make a Flexible Routine For Your Baby’, we looked at the many different ways to make a baby happy. For a mother, knowing what is best for your children is half the job.

Image of a happy toddler sitting on a blanket in a field.