What Makes Sleep Fairies Different to Other Sleep Consultants

Sleep Fairy Parent Rescue started in 2009 because overtired mums were asking Dee Booth for advice about how to get their babies to sleep. Dee had the solutions, because she had built up a wealth of knowledge and… Read More

Toddlers and Technology

Today, we far too often see toddlers being entertained by iPads, tablets and mobile phones. They are totally captivated by the bright coloured screens, which we call technology. Some parents buy their toddler their own iPad, to save… Read More

Potty Training! How to potty train. When to potty train. Why a potty…

The Sleep Fairy Guide to Potty Training (Toilet Training) There is no correct time to start toilet/potty training, but most children will be between 2 and 3 years old when they make their first attempts. Of course, some… Read More